I Am Looking at You

When you are a horse, you have a lot of time to look at stuff. 

So when my mom was sitting on the ground taking photos of me today, I looked at her. Normally my mom does not sit on the ground. She sits on me. She says I’m comfy like a couch. I thought about that for a minute.

Then I said: Couches do not like apples. And I like apples. And that means I’m a horse, not a couch.


6 thoughts on “I Am Looking at You

  1. Hi Jay, this is Rowan.

    I like your pictures. I like apples, too. You look really kind. I like the picture of your nose and whiskers.

    I don’t know about a couch, but I bet you’re a lot more comfortable than riding on Mama’s knee.

    I like your name. What do you like to play with? I like to play with Barbie dolls. I also have my horse Spot. He isn’t as big as you. But he has ‘real’ hair.

    I wish I could pet you.


    • ROWAN! I have heard a lot about you.
      Haley says you have a lot of horses in your playroom. Do you think I’d fit, too?
      I like to play with Haley’s hats and the zipper on her coat. Maybe Spot and I could meet up one day, and play Barbies with you.
      You tell your mom that next time you come to Colorado, you can pet me (please bring apples).

      • Jay —
        I like this idea. What color apples do you like? I like green ones.


        Mom says you’re too big to stay in my room with Spot. But spot can come to Colorado with us next time.

  2. Hi, Jay! I used to have a horse. Well, actually a pregnant Shetland pony. She was almost as wide as she was tall. She actually wasn’t very nice, kind of temperamental. I’ll bet you are a very nice horse. I love these pictures of you. I’ve never looked at a horse from this angle. I like it.

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