At Night, I Am Still a Horse

One of the things about being a horse is that even when it is dark or windy or snowy or rainy, you just keep on doing horse stuff.

For the past two days, it’s been windier than a 50-pound bag of whistling lips. I’m glad I’m a horse, because I am heavy and the wind can’t blow me away. I don’t think I’d like it if the wind picked me up and blew me to, like, Kansas or something. I don’t really know where Kansas is, but I bet their carrots do not taste as good as the ones here at my house.

This is what my mane looks like:

I’ve decided my mom needs a different name in this blog. “Mom” sounds not quite right for her, and I’ve never called her that, anyway. I think from now on I’ll call her Haley, since that’s her name. We’re more pals than we are mother and horse, anyway.

That’s all for today. We haven’t really done anything together, me and Haley, since Friday, because of this dang wind. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go for a ride or something, and I’ll post about that. In the meantime, happy trails!


5 thoughts on “At Night, I Am Still a Horse

  1. Jay – I live in Kansas. I don’t like carrots, though. I love your pictures. My favorite is the first one. I don’t like the wind much either. It is always windy in Kansas and my hair gets in my mouth.

    Also, hi Haley and Grey.


    • Rowan, I’m sure Kansas is glad to have you living there.
      You should really give carrots another try, though. They have such a nice crunch to them, and they are orange! Baby carrots are my favorites.
      You know, my hair doesn’t really get in my mouth because I always have a ponytail. Hee hee.

  2. Jay-
    I agree with Rowan, my favorite picture the first one as well. Glad you just do what you do.

    It is good to be a horse I think 🙂


  3. Hi this is your cousin, Max.
    I think the lighting in your photographs is outstanding
    you live a beautiful part of the country
    your photographs remind me of a collection of short stories I’m reading called” Bad Dirt: Wyoming stories 2″ by Annie Proulx. As the name signifies all the stories take place in Wyoming witch is in the area of Colorado, I think.

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