Icicle in My Brain

I wrote a haiku. Most of the time, I don’t write haikus. You have to clap out the syllables to make sure it goes 5/7/5, and clapping is not really one of the things a horse does best. And I’m a horse. You might remember that we determined a few weeks ago that I am not a couch.


Anyway, my Haley came out to feed me at 6:45 this morning, and she noticed that my left eye looked more like a tennis ball than a regular eye. She didn’t have to look. I could have told her via haiku:

Mom, look at my eye. 

It is swollen shut like woah.

Do you have some snacks?

She gave me some medicine and sang a song for me. She was in choir. I wasn’t. But I do have an icicle on my ear. It is trying to get into my brain.

Here, I’ll get closer so you can get a better look.

One of the nice things about being a horse is that I have thick fur all over my horsie body, even my face and ears. So if you are my Haley’s mom, and you are worried about me being cold, please stop that. I am fine. I am a horse.

But in case you feel sorry for me and want to send warm snacks or mittens, LOOK. There is also ice on my chin!

I like carrots and granola bars and Skittles and beer and apples.

And even though my eye is all jacked up, I still kept filling this bucket with snow and dumping it on my own face.

These are my hoofprints:





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