About Jay

I used to be a barrel horse. Then I was a dressage horse. Now I’m just a horse horse. Sometimes I help move cows, and sometimes I go for trail rides, but mostly what I do is eat grass, take naps, and hang out with my friends. My owner (we’ll call her my mom because that’s just nicer) comes outside to see me a few times a day (she works from home as a copy editor so she gets to do that) and she’ll brush me, or feed me some snacks, or take me out for a short bareback ride in the pasture.

I’m a 15-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse. I’ve lived in California, Colorado, and Montana. I’m 15 hands and I’m a big boy. My mom says I’m stout and strong. I really like snacks. I like dogs, and cats, and chickens, and cows. Not for snacks. Just to look at, and sniff, and stuff like that. Goats … not really, no. I don’t much like goats. I really don’t like camels. But I do like snacks, so if you have any ….

I’m a good horse. I’m a horse, and I do horse stuff.


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